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The homepage of Ishøj Liebach


Tarzans page.

Tarzan 14 months old.


  • Tarzan has become a big dog and already at 10 month old with a weight at 33 kg, we haven't yet got his height measured. It is much more that the standard of the breed is describing, but nothing that we have done wrong. Our vet told us by a telephone consultation that he is much to heavy, but later in the clinic she had to denounce that and tell us that he is in very fine condition. By a meeting with other Samoyeds, everybody there got astonished by his size.

  • It is a big change in his life, as 9 weeks old, to move away from his mother and the aunts and into the house with our almost 12 years old Finish Lappdog Malthe and the only 10 weeks old kitten Elvis. Even the garden is a big world, so the first days it is only accompanied by Malthe that he is getting further than the just outside the door.

  • Tarzan is picked up at the kennel Kiak and now moved into the house in Hareskovby November 9th 2008.

  • Tarzan is a Samoyed, born in kennel Kiak September 8th 2008.

    Pic's of Tarzan

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