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Pictures of Tarzan.

One day I snug into the living room and got this photo of the two friends. Here Tarzan is nearly 2 years of age. Actually is Tarzan the only one that is allowed to touch Elvis without him resisting, that goes for us as well, even though we are feeding him.

And then it has become Christmas again. Tarzan is now 15 month old and a little more calm (just a little), but is still the loving dog, and that goes for all human beings and almost all dogs. Also Elvis may from time to time feel the love from Tarzan, though we sometimes feels that it is being a little rough. But Elvis is also returning to him and in the evenings we can find them in front of the fireplace lying close together.

We do think that we have to offer Tarzan some activities so that he can use his strength and power for something else than trying to rip off our arms when walking him. Therefore when we sees a information in the folder from Danish Samoyed club about sledge dog race in St. Dyrehave, we are going there to watch and get ideas. Tarzan is offered a ride in front of a wagon with 5 other Samoyeds. It is Tarzan in the third row left, and it isn't the smallest of the dogs next to him, it is in fact the one just in front of him.

Tarzan is now 1 year old, and the time has just flown away. He still can not understand that he is a big dog, but at least he isn't as destructive any more. Though, we still have to clear the back yard on weekly basis, when he has moved our fire wood out on the grass. And his size has also caused that he from time to time is having growing pain which have to be medical treated.

Tarzan (here 11½ months old) is visiting his buddy Hugo who is approx. ½ year later. They matches each other fine both in size, weight and self-esteem. It is looking tuff when they are playing with each other, but no one is hurt (even though they are showing teeth like here). They can play for hours without more rest than  ½ to a full minute. But it is quiet dogs when we are taking home.

The evening ritual is, while we all are assembled on as few m2 as possible, that Tarzan (here 10 month old) and Elvis is awaiting our tooth brushing to be finished, so that the dog can be let out in the kitchen for the night and get his "good night" biscuit, while the cat is locked into the bath room with a slice of meat. The two animals can not be together during the night, as they will party the whole night.

The summer has arrived and we are in the garden playing. Tarzan has become a big dog with a lot of strength and power, and he is enjoying running around in his yard behind the house. Here he is 8½ month old and already bigger than the standard of the breed, which states 57 cm. Though, he has not realized that he is that big and still want to be sitting on our lap.

We are now beginning to believe that Tarzan is becoming a big dog of his breed. Yet only 8 month old and still growing. Tarzan has now been a "single"-dog for about 2 months, but he is not showing any sign of missing Malthe. Actually Malthe was not a really play pal, while it is completely otherwise with Elvis, despite the difference in size. They really like each other, and even though it can look rather brutal, when the head of the cat is inside the mouth of the dog. But by the weakest sound of discomfort, Tarzan is releasing him. Later is it the cat that cling to the nose of the dog, and then they are even.

It is almost Christmas, and the Christmas picture of the year has to be taken. The young's (the puppy and the kitten) also have to be on the picture this year, as they are part of the family. Malthe is as usual looking like he is punished, while the two "babies", Tarzan now 13 weeks old, is mostly interested in each other. It is completely impossible to dress them up with cap and bow, that is just considered as toy for them.

When you are tired, you are tired, and then you have to sleep here and now. In an awkward position Tarzan, now 12 weeks old, is lying up against the door in the kitchen. But as the very social dog he is, he wants to be around us as much as possible.

It is a big garden Tarzan have to guard. 11 weeks old and almost 900 m2 autumn-garden (our backyard) with a lot of fallen leaves to chase. It is a fine play ground for him and he is running around doing his puppy stunt, and is trying his best to attract Malthe into his playing.

Tarzan is now 9 weeks old and have left the kennel. He is moved to Hareskovby to us, where he here is meeting his new play pal, the 13 weeks old kitten Elvis. Elvis is trying to look big and scare him of, but Tarzan is too confident. Actually they becomes best friends.

Tarzan is here 8 weeks old, and the photo has been taken while all his siblings has been washed and cleaned, ready to leave the kennel. This is the normal time to leave, but as I am not home the weekend and the following week, it has been decided to postpone the leaving time until the following weekend. This means that he is spending the time alone with mother and aunts.


Tarzan has become a big boy, actually he is fare the biggest of the puppies, having a weight at 5.5 kg. Now it is not an easy task carrying him in one stretched out hand, without the mussels soon will be acking.


We are at the last visit before we are collecting Tarzan by the kennel. Hi and his siblings are now 7 weeks old, have left the "kindergarten" for good and are spending the full day with the adult dogs. All 12 dogs are on their toes whenever a visitor is arriving, but shortly after they are all resting.

From my experience from last visit, I felt it not right if I didn't wore shoes with laces. And it was a success, as constantly at least one of the puppies was untying the shoelaces so that it was easier to thew in them.


Let out of the "kindergarten", two of the puppies is here guarding the steps up into the kitchen.


Though the puppies are 5½ weeks old, it is still nice and necessary to suck by mom Mindy, but gradually it has become crowded when all 6 are seeking room at the same time. No wonder that Mindy is trying to escape out in the garden and let great grandmother take over.


Tarzan is now 5½ weeks old and according to "kennelmom" Irene there are "full speed ahead" an the puppies, who are leaving the "kindergarten" in the day time. There they are spending the time with each other and the adult dogs, for upbringing and socialization.


It has now been 1½ week since our last visit at Tarzan and his family. The small snowballs have visible grown since last and are a great deal more active. Everything up to ankle height was for biting, and specially the shoelaces had a preference. While I was holding one of the puppies in my arms, his siblings biting and chewing my shoes and trousers.

But they was extremely cute and really happy about everyone visiting the house and pen. It was very difficult to let go of them and get home.

Here the picture with the two boys, "blue" and "green" (I know, because I could see the collar when they was lifted up).


Even more eyes to day, and the world have to be explored. This picture is showing Tarzan at 4 weeks of age, but still he is only a good handful of dog. But what a handful of fluffy snow.

According to "kennelmom" Irene, the house is full of life and the adult dogs regularly are visiting the "kindergarten". A good assistant is great grandmother of the puppies, who could be nursing the puppies for hours, and that seems to fit perfectly the mom, Mindy, nicely, the sharing of responsibility.


Now the activity level has been raised by Tarzan and his siblings, who now is 4 weeks old. The teeth has grown further and have to be tested on everything and everybody. So balls and toys are being used, and there are also the possibility to "taste" on each other. Here are two snowballs in play.


Now the eyes was opened, and he is now 3 weeks old. There has become more dog /puppy in him.

In this week we also was visiting him, his siblings and the remaining dog family (which consists of the mother-dog and 5 more bitches) plus their human family. The puppies are really cute as they are moving around, and there was no problems in taking them up for cuddling. It was also fun to see that after ½ hour with us, and with their mother (for food), they huddled again though not as close as in the below picture.

It is now a little more obvious that this is a dog, here 2 weeks old, but there is not enough curiosity to open his eyes and see the the "big dangerous world". It hasn't yet been settled which of the two boys will be our Tarzan, that decision will be totally in the hands of the present owners, the kennel owner, and will be decided on the basis of the temperament of the puppy in relationship to the coming owners. So just to be able to show a puppy, we are here showing the "green" boy. A kennel name haven't either been selected, it will be done when the puppies are being "chipped" (the modern way of an "ear tattoo").
Tarzan and his siblings has now become 2 weeks old, and still not really active. Basically everything is concerning eating and sleep, but isn't it also like that with the adult dogs ? But when it has been time for a nap after hardships, e.g. this to be taking separately to the photographer, they are moving together huddling for the sleep.


If you didn't know better, it could be anything, but this is a 2 days old Samoyed. We have heard many different "guesses" like "rat" or "hamster /guinea-pig" or plainly "pig", but it is a puppy-dog, who will grow bigger and prettier. Actually we are not sure whether this is Tarzan, as we can not see the coloured "collar", and without this all the puppies are looking alike.
Monday September 8th 2008 Tarzan and his siblings, 1 brother and 4 sisters, was born by Kiak's Mindy of Oliwer at the kennel Kiak. Here, 2 days old, they all are fighting for food. The puppies are getting a coloured ribbon round the neck (a red and a yellow can be seen) so that they can be recognized. If not they are all just small white fluffy things.


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