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          Malthes page.          

Malthe 6½ år.
Malthe 6½ year old here.


  • Malthe was a Finish Lappdog, born December 28th, 1996, and with great sorrow put to sleep April 2nd 2009, 12 year of age, due to a progressive age related aggression.

  • Malthe had his indoor favourite place in the living room, on the tiles in front of the fireplace.

  • Malthe had his outdoor favourite place on the terraces, in the shadow.

  • Malthe was daily looking forward to the walk down to the forest, Hareskoven, where he was released and can stretch out freely.

  • Malthe didn't like other dogs, neither big nor small. Though, Hugo Boss a yellow Labrador, was OK and accepted, at least until he got into his puberty and was trying to win his position as leader.

  • Malthe wasn't completely satisfied that Tarzan was moved in, as he was disturbing the "beauty sleep", but in the beginning he was accepted. Though, more and more often Tarzan was remembered of the leader status, but it was only verbally "beating", nevertheless Tarzan was screaming as if he is being killed. And unfortunately it became only worse and worse.

  • Malthe didn't like cats , though one exception was his very good friend and house companion Fido (it was a cat). Unfortunately Fido decided to move from home shortly after New Year 2007, and we haven't seen him since.

  • Elvis was an annoying thing (cat), but as he was occupying Tarzan by taking his time, playing and fighting with him, he was OK to have.

  • Squirrels in the nearby forest had, according Malthe, nothing to do on ground or on the roads here around, so they had to be hunted up in the tallest trees or maybe all the way out of our county.

  • Opposite, Malthe totally ignored the horses, from the nearby stables, on the paths in the forest.

  • Malthe is being missed, as for the most of his life he was a good and kind dog. He will always be remembered as such of everyone who knew him.

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