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The homepage of Ishøj Liebach


Stories about my dives since the beginning of 2007.

   June 23rd 2010:

   June 20th 2010: Kullen, Sweden.

   June 6th 2010: Larnaca, Cyprus.

   June 5th 2010: Limassol, Cyprus.

   March 31st 2010: Arinaga, Gran Canarias.

   March 29th 2010: Puerto Rico, Gran Canarias.

   December 3rd 2009: Amager Strand.

   September 26th - 27th 2009: Pulau Tioman, Malaysia.

   September 19th - 20th 2009: Pulau Aur, Malaysia.

   September 11th 2009: "Robert" by Hven, Sweden.

   July 18th - 19th 2009: Anavisos, Greece.

   July 4th 2009: Overby Strand at Zealand Odde, Denmark.

   June 9th 2009: Magaluf, Mallorca, Spain.

   October 30th. - November 2nd 2008: Pulau Aur, Malaysia.

   October 14th 2008: Trykkerdammen by Elsinore, Denmark.

   September 16th 2008: "SS Robert" by Hven, Sweden.

   July 28th 2008: Trykkerdammen by Elsinore, Denmark.

   July 26th 2008: Kongsore in Isefjorden, Denmark.

   July 18th 2008: Trykkerdammen by Elsinore, Denmark.

   April 12th - 16th 2008: Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

   November 24th 2007: Portobello, Panama.

   November 2nd - 4th 2007: Pulau Tioman, Malaysia.

   September 18th 2007: Trykkerdammen by Elsinore, Denmark.

   August 5th 2007: "Eureka" by Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

   July 17th 2007: Buddinge, Denmark.

   July 10th 2007: "Otto" by Elsinore, Denmark.

   May 23rd 2007: "Otto" by Elsinore,

   March 25th 2007: "Ellan" by Gilleleje, Denmark.

   March 10th 2007: False Bay, South Africa.

   March 6th 2007: False Bay, South Africa.

   February 27th 2007: Trykkerdammen, Denmark.

   February 26th 2007: Farum, Denmark.

   February 22nd 2007: Farum, Denmark.

   February 17th 2007: Hareskovby, Denmark.

   January 27th 2007: Copenhagen Dive Show, Denmark.

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