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Pictures of Elvis.

Elvis is now a full grown cat (here 13 month old), but still hi is separated from the dog during the night. He also have got a small bed placed in the bathroom, and when we are getting up early in the morning and are quiet, we can catch him sleeping there.
Elvis is sleeping in our bathroom, where he is right now awaiting his "goodnight"-treat (a slice of meat). It isn't wise to have the animal-kids staying together during the night, mainly because Tarzan want to sleep, but if the cat is playing up, he joins immediately. So in the interest of the whole family, to get a quiet night, the cat and dog is separated.
Now Elvis has become 6½ month old, but still hasn't learned that it isn't legal to run around on the tables. And flowers in vases isn't there as his toy.
A nice warm place on the table in the kitchen next to the central heater is one of the favourite locations of Elvis'. And here he is also safe for the dog, though he is being chased down by us. But who can have the hart  to do that with such a small kitty, 3½ month old, when he is laying there sleeping.

Elvis, here 3 month old, have found out that sitting high on the furniture at home so that Tarzan can't reach him, then he is safe. And it is also giving some self-esteem sitting up there looking down at the dog.
Elvis has heard that there are a mouse on the desk by the computers, so he will try to find it, but the mouse isn't what he has expected. Then he can just be sitting there as he doesn't care. But he do find it fun to try to catch the cursor on the screen or just be sitting in front of the screen, which isn't making it easy to get some work done.

After they have looked each other over, the big game/play starts, and it have been like that ever since. Though, Tarzan is frustrated by the fact that Elvis can hide everywhere. And Elvis is using that. He is inviting to play, attacks the paw or leg of Tarzan, who luckily is nicely protected by his thick fur. But as soon as Tarzan is getting the advantage in their play, Elvis is running under the furniture, as here under the shelves, where Tarzan can't follow. Now in this position, Elvis can just jab out and still reach Tarzan.
Shortly after Tarzan is moved into the house in Hareskovby November 9th 2008, the two animal babies meets in the kitchen. Elvis is of the opinion that if he try to look "big" he can scare Tarzan. But as Tarzan don't know what a cat is, and as everything that moves must be friendly, he is more curious than scared.

Later on they have become best buddies (that means, if just Elvis can decide when and where).


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