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Introductory dive was performed in Langelands Belt in Denmark, at a depth at 2-3 m, June 5th 2003. After that dive I was "addicted".

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The PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) certification was acquired August 29th 2004 in Bay of Koge, Denmark.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) certification was acquired June 25th 2006 in Oresund, Denmark.

The PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) certification was acquired July 16th 2007 in Buddinge, Denmark.

My very first dive, after my basic diving course (OWD, actually I was not qualified for such a deep dive) was in the autumn 2004 and was on the wreak Zenobia, approx. 10 minutes with boat from the harbour of Larnaca, Cyprus.

 A fantastic experience when I already from the surface was able to see the big ferry, which was laying on the side at 43 m. An even bigger experience it was to dive this wreak and be swimming around the tilted trucks hanging on their chains on the deck and also swim through the bridge. But also claustrophobic when we was shortly inside the ferry in the cafeteria completely darkened, where the only light was the sunlight from the entrance door.

The video here isn't mine, but linked from MyTube.

Another big experience it was in the winter (European winter) 2007 when I was diving with seals in False Bay southeast of Cape Town, South Africa. The dive was in strong current, so we was trying to get a hold at the rocks at the bottom, so that we could stay together with the seals, whish with tiny movements of their flippers could stay completely stationary with their noses down into the mussels on the seabed.

The video here isn't mine, but linked from MyTube.

At Jane and my Egypt-vacation in early spring 2008 I was having a dive at Ras Muhammed, a maritime national park at the tip of Sinai peninsula. By the end of our dive here, while waiting on our 5 m safety-stop, a turtle came to our group and joined us during our whole stay. It was really friendly and a model as it stayed there near the surface so we could take pictures and videos of it.

The movie was recorded by my Norwegian dive buddy.

Another dive in the Red Sea, the next day of our Egypt-vacation, was on the wreak Dunraven. A tour through the hull, passing the kettle of the engine, can be seen on this video.

The movie was recorded by my Norwegian dive buddy, and I am seen in this sequence.

The last day at the Red Sea (on our Egypt-vacation), I had two dives at SS Thistlegorm, which was yet a fantastic experience. Actually all dives in the Red Sea can not be explained too enthusiastic, it have to be seen.

The movie is in the start explaining the history of SS Thistlegorm, and after that the divers can be followed above and below the surface.

The movie was purchased by a professional photographer joining the tour, and also on this movie I can be seen.

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